We are not damsels in distress…

We quote Star Wars and Princess Bride, we play video games, we know the difference between a d20 and a d8, we rescue animals and save the planet, we follow and play sports, we count the days till Sherlock is back, we know how to science in a lab, we sing Disney songs to passing birds, we are women, and we… are GEEKS!

This blog was designed and developed with the thought of catering to the ladies who nerd, but we welcome everyone who understands and celebrates the inclusiveness of the geek community…no matter the fandom, age, or gender! We’re all about collaboration and the expansion of the geek community and we encourage everyone to get involved in helping to build and strengthen that community as it grows. In the interest of that spirit, please enjoy the variety of our writers, as we welcome representation from all walks, and seek to open the conversation universally…or cross-universally…it’s all wibbly wobbly anyway!

Welcome to the brigade!