Comic Book Review: Beauty

By: Graesyn Fenix [SPOILERS, SWEETIE!- THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!]   To some people, beauty comes naturally. To others, well, we have to work at it. Hard. What if we didn’t have to work for it? What if physical beauty was nothing more than a one night tryst away. In Image’s new comic Beauty by … Continue reading Comic Book Review: Beauty


Review of Batman: The Killing Joke Feature Film

By: Graesyn Fenix Plenty of comic book fans know about and have read The Killing Joke, which originally went to print in 1988. After a long wait and a ton of speculation, it’s finally come to the big screen and, well, it’s catching a lot of heat at the moment. The craziest part about people’s … Continue reading Review of Batman: The Killing Joke Feature Film