Comic Book Review: Beauty

By: Graesyn Fenix



To some people, beauty comes naturally. To others, well, we have to work at it. Hard. What if we didn’t have to work for it? What if physical beauty was nothing more than a one night tryst away. In Image’s new comic Beauty by Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley, and John Rauch, you can become one of the beautiful people just by catching a sexually transmitted disease. That’s right, the Beauty STD.

As expected, a majority of the human population has been infected with Beauty in an extremely short period of time, but as with everything in life there’s a price. When you’ve become one of the Beauties, there’s a seeminly harmless side effect- you run a bit of a fever. Not in a Johnny Storm way, you just run a bit hotter than the average person, but then again you look hotter than average too so maybe it’s not too bad of a price to pay, right? Well, until you combust from your insides two years later.

We start out our story introduced to two detectives, the gruff looking Foster and his partner, the super attractive Vaughn. They’ve got a dead body, a women infected with Beauty, and she isn’t the first. Dead Beauties having been popping up all over the world, all dying from burning up from the inside. (The art on that, and everything else for that matter, yeah, it’s amazing) The story, like all good detective stories, escalates quickly as we watch Foster and Vaughn uncover high level national conspiracies, murder plots, a full-on batshit crazy assassin, and the CDC. Can they find a cure to help save the infected? Will all the beautiful people bite the big one? Will anyone else marvel at the hollowed out dead body on that one page (some people in book club missed that one)?

The artwork in this story is flat out amazing, and as someone in our book club pointed out, they couldn’t skip out on the faces of the characters like you see in some other books. There’s a frame where one of the beauties is shot in the head and I would gladly hang that on my wall just to marvel at how elegant it look. No, i’m not into death art, it gives me the heebie jeebies, but I can’t get over the talent on display here.

This is one of those great stories that I would love see get a television series, but there’s a problem. Remember when prison break came out and everyone asked, “well, what happens to the show when they finally break out?” yeah it’s a little like that. It’s an STD, it’s killing people, and there might be a cure, is that really enough to hook people in? And if the cure works…then what? I worry that they may have to find a new catch, a new thing to hang their story on in the very near future, but we’ll have to see if we get any twists and turns in volume two before we can really get a feel for how long this comic can go on. Until then, the Geek Girl Brigade highly recommends giving this one a read.


2 thoughts on “Comic Book Review: Beauty

    1. Check with your local comic shop, there’s a bunch of them who do a comic book club or reading night! As far as comic book vs. graphic novel the most noticeable difference is the size of them. It can be confusing since they both tell stories using panel artwork, just remember the key words, novels are longer and released as full stories, books are short stories released over several issues.

      🙂 GF


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