I ain’t afraid of no GHOSTBUSTERS review…

By: AJGayJ

[SPOILERS: Article may reveal key pieces of film, no matter how broad the writer attempts to be…so, yeah…be aware…]


Let me start out by explaining my absolute love of the Ghostbusters franchise…the 80’s were my childhood years, and I remain a loyalist to many great franchises…that being said, there are some remake attempts that I will never set my eyes on…not naming names, but there may be some young altered fighting shelled persons who my loyalty to does not allow such jagged replacement…also…never Megan Fox…or Kristen Stewart, while we’re on the subject of nooooope…okay, back to the point of this preface: creating new characters who exist in an alternate reality is a totally acceptable comic book approach for the franchise, and I typically enter cautiously optimistic when the casting is right, and this was CORRECT. Let me explain why I believe this to be true…

Personally, I feel that I must begin with the cameo aspect of a first movie in an alternate universe situation. I understood that the need to edit pushed one cameo back to credits, but the fact that every cameo possible was so deftly sprinkled for the older fans made me absolutely gush…Aykroyd’s New Yorker, Murray’s skeptic scholar, Weaver’s quirky genius, Potts’s Janine revisit, Hudson’s mortified mortician, Ramis’s dedication in the credits, Vigo’s display, Staypuft’s nod, Zuul’s mention, Slimer’s moments, Mrs.Slimer’s joining him for a romp, even the logo ghost had his moment…every single one, my view of perfection. We Miss you, Rick Moranis! These inclusions are things we look forward to, and no matter what the gossip may be surrounding them, the end result is a wonderful nostalgia that is basically the whole point of these relaunches…err, at least, for some of us old school fans…right?!gb-sitetakeover_marquee_1920x1080

Added to that is just the sort of oddball characters you would expect to become Ghostbusters…I think Kate McKinnon’s disjointed/awkward character made more sense after we saw her with Sigourney Weaver…kinda wish we got to see more of that, sooner…still, I enjoyed the way she played it, and she cracked me up. There were a few scenes in the early part of the film that felt a bit forced, but in the end, I understood why they would be kept over other gems we get in the credits. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy absolutely nailed their chemistry and played off the entire ensemble so well to be the leaders of the pack…especially the tie ins with Chris Hemsworth’s absolutely hysterical man-candy character. Wiig’s speechless reaction to him is perfection, and is complimented by McCarthy’s dead-pan response to it all. Moving on to Leslie Jones, we have exactly the sort of over-the-top New York Subway worker-turned Ghostbuster we want for this…it plays off the group’s dynamic, and gives us modified personas for the group of people “unafraid” of ghosts.

I would say that this rebuild of the universe falls closer to the cartoon version, and in that, I think they found a perfect groove for this relaunch. It is campy in the right ways, over-the-top where it needs to be, and offers a new spin on a classic concept. I haven’t even brought up the protagonist situation, but let me assure you, they playfully find the right balance to deliver the quirky, ominous baddies you need for a fun film. There are plenty of other bright moments throughout, cameos I didn’t mention, and laughs to be had. This installation makes me happy about what can be brought to the sequel! Quirky offbeat, rapid fire…it pays proper homage to the originals, while progressing the franchise, and I couldn’t be happier for a new opportunity to visit these worlds!SLIMER 2016


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