Stranger Things Review


By: AJgayJ

Holy WOW! So, in two sessions, I just devoured the nostalgic brilliance brought to us by Netflix…I would have finished it in one sitting, had the option been available to me. Talk about a show that transports you to the universe it wants to show you. The references, the costumes, the sets, the cinematography…TEN’S ACROSS THE BOARD! Yeah, the cast and crew were serving us a perfect blend of Stephen King scary, with the right blend of Goonies inspirational perseverance, and a splash of the lurking mystery of something like X-Files! I cannot speak highly enough of each actor, and what they brought to the show…or of each department, and what they offered for our eyes. I don’t want to delve into detail, and I really don’t want to give one bit of spoiler. I want you to watch this…I want you to enjoy it…I want you to allow this 8 episode series enter your brain so that you too can enjoy the haunting perfection we’ve been gifted. Watch it during the day if you cannot handle things that go bump in the night…but, seriously…this show nails it on so many levels! So…quit reading this, and go…go watch this…get Stranger Things in your life…if for no other reason to understand this picture of Winona Ryder!

download (1)

Haha…okay…maybe that is spoiler-ish…not really though. Now, GO!


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