Netflix Offerings: October

It is certainly good to be a nerd with Nextflix this coming October, with everything from creepy to superhero being added to the list of options. With a few new Netflix original series options, some great TV shows, and super nerdy movies, this is going to be a fun month for binge watching! Get the … Continue reading Netflix Offerings: October


Meek the Geeks: sedirox

State your name, rank, and intention! Sedi aka sedirox. I ended my Splatoon career at B+ (highest rank achieved was A) and I refuse to play Overwatch's competitive mode. I'm really just here for the cookies. Where ARE you? Like right now? I'm at home, getting ready to do some patterning for my Tracer cosplay. … Continue reading Meek the Geeks: sedirox

The Quest for the Purple Sheep Plushie

Months ago when the tickets for Minecon 2016 went on sale I was faced with a difficult question: To MineCon with the boys, or to enjoy a long weekend alone? During MineCon 2014 it had been impossible to see everything, due to event/panel popularity causing long line wait times. I was drafted into MineCon 2016 … Continue reading The Quest for the Purple Sheep Plushie

TV Spotlight: MacGyver and Exorcist get rebooted

MACGYVER (CBS) When I was a kid my brother and I spent summers at our grandparent's house, which was pretty fun but also a little awkward at times...especially during the teenage years. I had one obsession, and my grandmother could not understand for the life of her why I needed to be home at 7pm … Continue reading TV Spotlight: MacGyver and Exorcist get rebooted