Video Game Dump!

By: Graesyn Fenix

BIOSHOCK- The Collection

Sometimes it seems like everyone is putting out a collection. Lately, it’s been video games, thanks in part to the Xbox One release which still hasn’t caught up to their game library for backward compatibility. So, you really want to play your old games, but you really don’t want to plug in your old system, collections may be the answer for you. The most recent buzz in the video game collection releases is Bioshock. Yes, it’s been remastered, but lets face it, that can be a good thing at times and Bioshock sure as hell deserves a bit of post release design love. Interested? Here’s the trailer from 2K.


Dishonored 2

I will gladly admit that the only real reason i was so hyped about the first Dishonored game was because the trailers made it look like a alternate reality/steampunk style version of Assassins Creed. After playing it, however, I realized it was actually so much more. The replay value is there, and you can wind up with a slightly altered ending depending on your in game morals, but even with finishing the game then replaying for both the clean hands and ghost achievements, I want more. 2 years ago Bethesda told us they were working on Dishonored 2, and now, with less than 2 months till it’s release, we have a new trailer. Check it out…

I am one excited video gamer.

What upcoming game releases are you excited for? Let us know in the comments section!


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