Spin me ’round, you do!

Normally I’m not a big fan of the hipster movement, mostly it’s the skinny jeans…just so…ugh. That being said I am also happy with some of the things they’ve brought back or made more popular, namely the record player. I have always been a fan of records, I can thank my parents for that one, and can even remember the heartbreak when in my late teens they became damn near impossible to find unless you bought a used one. I just wanted a damn stereo system with a dual cassette deck and a turntable, what the hell is with all these CD-only stereos?! What can I say, I was a little late to that game I guess.

Now I can walk into Barnes & Noble and find records and players, record shops are opening back up or at least seeing a few more new faces come in the door, and people are once again lowering the needle on vinyl goodness. I get goosebumps just thinking about the sounds of vinyl…not the pants…the records.

Since moving to California a new record player has been high on my list of wants, but for various reasons, I keep pushing it off. I know, I know, if I keep pushing it off the trend will once again be brushed to the wayside and I’ll miss out on some cool items. But I think I’ve finally found something that will make me not only want the record player but need it.

Available on pre-order right now through amazon.com is the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack on vinyl. The artwork alone on the records is enough to sell me on it (yaaay picture discs), but knowing how bad ass that is going to look/sound AND knowing that this pair of double-sided records is only $35 has me all in. My neighbors are going to LOVE me.



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