Meet the Geeks: Graesyn Fenix

State your name, rank, and intention!

The Doctor, doctor, fun! No wait, that’s not me. I’m Graesyn Fenix, geek, fun (that part stays)

Where ARE you? Like right now?

California, it’s like the sun, but better tacos.

How long have you known you were a geek?

Probably since birth…yeah i tried to hide it at points in life but that sucked, so now i wear it on my sleeve. Literally. I have a Doctor Who tat on my arm. My dad is kind of a jock-nerd, he played tons of sports but also loved things like Star Trek and Last Starfighter. My mom is a book nerd, but more into the romance genre.

What’s your favorite thing to geek out about?

I’m a fan girl of so many things. Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Gears of War are probably my top three, but below those are hundreds more. I enjoy reading, video games, board games, movies, music, TV, and computers. I’m a geek about graphic design, I’m a steampunk, and I’m a Disney nerd. So I’d like to think I’m a fairly well rounded geek.

Do you have an origin story?

I was a slow developer into the geek realms of life, the geekpowers were strong with me, but like many a Skywalker I was unaware. I played sports, but liked Boba Fett and Mr. Spock. Then came the dark days, the days where I would attempted to denounce my nerdy ways, days when i went uber jock mode, when i tried to believe that Disney had no hold on me (aka I was an angsty teen…like we do)…but really it wasn’t that bad, the geek was clearly still with me. As i grew older, my training intensified, I started to teach younglings the ways of the force (mostly the dark side), my love of Disney returned via messenger Llama, and blue prints of the next Death Star adorned my office walls. Many years passed before I took the final step of my training, I became Captain of Her Royal Majesty’s Airship the Annabel Lee. I assembled my band of odd but merry adventurer’s, and to this day we traverse the globe in search of new and wondrous geektastic adventures!

What’s the best part of being a geek?

I’m not the biggest fan of people in general, unless it’s a group of geeks, then I’m slightly better. A gathering of geeks makes it easier to talk to people without fear of being looked at as strange and unusual, these people know you, and most of them will know when you make a nerdy reference and go right along with you. With non-geeks it can be a struggle to find something to talk about, but with geeks, there’s always someone in the room who gets you.

Do you remember your first fandom? Superhero crush?

I know things like Star Wars and Star Trek were always there, but I’d have to say my first “superhero crush” was Robin Hood…the fox one from the Disney movie. My first crush on an actual superhero was less of a crush and more of an I-want-to-be-you deal and that was Gambit from Marvel’s X-men. That guy was and is a total bad ass in my book.

What’s your secret weapon or super power?

My secret weapon is caffeine… that’s a thing, right? Caffeine and STEAM!

Kindle, paperback, or audio book?

My love of audiobooks is growing daily since I have two hours of commute time M-F. However I am one of those strange and unusual types who likes the smell and feel of a good old fashioned analog book. Yes, I do realize that I’m basically saying that I enjoy the smell of murdered, mutilated and decaying bodies of trees, don’t judge me! Although whenever I have to move I do curse every one of my books and wish i could just put them all on Kindle.

Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image? Pick your poison.

I have always been a Marvel girl, and I always will be. I respect the rest, and a good deal of our comic book club picks have been Image lately, but deep down, Marvel…always.

Have you caught them all?

Caught: 80…Seen:82


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