Field Notes from MineCon 2016

Notes from MineCon 2016:

We arrived in Anaheim the Thursday before Minecon, giving us time on Friday to check-in, pick up our goodie bags, and take a few minutes to get the lay of the land. There were also Pokemon to catch in front of the convention center, so we were sure to jump on that opportunity!



Minecon kicked off with a great opening ceremony, which we arrived 2 hours before to secure the aforementioned awesome seats. The boys then headed directly to panels, including panels on command blocks, map making, Minecraft videos, and mods; conducted by programmers, Mojang staff, and those YouTube personalities. The exhibit hall was spacious and filled with hands-on exhibits and plenty of photo opportunities. The shops in the hall had a variety of items, including those exclusive to Minecon.



We arrived for our first panel to find a much shorter line than we expected, which is lucky, as we’d arrived later than planned. The panel by Jeb did not disappoint, with videos shown first, and his commentary was added on the second run. They offered a glimpse at some of the great changes coming to the game; including the cartographer, who can give you the treasure maps to an underwater monument or the new woodland mansion. The woodland mansion has much to offer including a new enemy: the Vix. We then moved on to a panel on map creating, which covered the organization and origination of maps.

Following the panels we made our way back to the exhibit area. William wanted to get a custom action figure at the Mattel booth, where they pull up your characters custom skin and print it onto stickers that can be applied to a blank action figure. The boys headed to the StacyPlays RPG Panel to help Stacy plan her next video. This journey was less eventful than my Sheep excursion, but 2.5 hours found me victorious, once again! Photo booths, panels, and vendors had lines ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, which is typical of a popular Convention.


Overall, Minecon 2016 was a fun adventure into the world of Minecraft for the kids who make up their fandom, and a journey of lines for their supportive parents. 

Check back later in the week when we talk about THE QUEST FOR THE PURPLE SHEEP PLUSHIE!


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