Meet the Geels: AJgayJ

State your name, rank, and intention!

AJ/AJgayJ/GayJ/Anastasia Fallon/Ani, Queen (duh…), slow but inevitable global domination…mostly…and world peace…

Where ARE you? Like right now?

Currently harmonizing with the perfection of pizza in my armchair…oh, my apartment is just outside of Downtown Los Angeles…stalk much?

How long have you known you were a geek?

I was born into it, with my Sith Time Lord older sister (Graesyn Fenix), my dad’s love of comic book/car shows, and my mom’s passion for stories…everything that manifested in my life was a direct result of the awesome geekdom I encountered daily. It was not the sort of thing it is today, but my knowledge of the Marvel Universe (heavily rooted with the X-Men) paired with my love of all things animation gave me some of the best connections I ever made in my youth!

What’s your favorite thing to geek out about?

Life! Seriously, I’m a quirky optimist, and I just love seeing people with a passion expressing themselves, no matter the medium. I love cosplay, comics, games (video & board),  movies, shows…celebrate the things you enjoy and life will never let you down! Also, anything 80’s and early 90’s…seriously…I lived it…and I love geeking out about it!

Do you have an origin story?

Yes, it begins in Connecticut, routes through Florida, and ends here in California. As a young, effeminate (even had the lisp) boy born to a typical mixed bag New England family; it occurred to me early that these crazy people in my house were my greatest allies. I was great at winning people over and being liked, I just did not find it easy to locate common ground for many friendships. My Seester has always been a huge influence in my life, and we refrain from completely losing faith in humanity with beautifully combined efforts of distraction and entertainment. Most of my youth was spent in Florida, so I grew up being a Disney kid…the collective love of all things Disney is my favorite bond that my family shares, and nothing will ever make me as happy as having a Disney Pass. My teen years found my expression in the performing arts, leading to a decent drag career in Tampa for a few years. Leaving that, my artistry took the shape in hair, which I’ve been licensed and practicing for the last decade! That is the short-ish version…

What’s the best part of being a geek?

Finding other people who share your passion for something and being able to celebrate it together with unbridled bliss!

Do you remember your first fandom? Superhero crush?

Fandom would probably go back to Batman…the 1960’s series…and I did have a thing for Robin, so…

What’s your secret weapon or super power?

Rogue’s absorption/power transfer. Then I can pick and choose my powers, lol…sort of…

Kindle, paperback, or audio book?

Nope…not a huge reader. Used to devour comic books…occasionally do still…otherwise, I check a few biographical works, or local history books out each year from the library…

Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image? Pick your poison.

Marvel first, always!

Have you caught them all?

I don’t do that sort of thing. Okay…honestly…I caught a few for my sister, but mostly I just threw away all her pokeballs, because I’m horribly unpracticed. Yes, the few times I did this, I totally nerded out about it and squeed when I actually caught one…so…there’s that…


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