The Quest for the Purple Sheep Plushie

Months ago when the tickets for Minecon 2016 went on sale I was faced with a difficult question: To MineCon with the boys, or to enjoy a long weekend alone?

During MineCon 2014 it had been impossible to see everything, due to event/panel popularity causing long line wait times. I was drafted into MineCon 2016 attendance to optimize the number of panels my guys could attend. Upon the schedule release, I sprung into action, seeking the most effective way for them to see all that they hoped to. By the time we arrived at the Anaheim Convention Center I was prepared for my journey of the lines.

I started my adventure early Saturday morning when I arrived at the convention center 2 hours before the opening ceremony to join the queue.My first endeavor was met with great seats near the stage with a perfect view.  As the day went on I reserved seat after seat in all of the best panels, receiving my son’s love and praise as he celebrated his deep running fandom.

Like the 11th Doctor at Demons Run I had accomplished the impossible…my teenage son’s happiness! However, as did the Doctor, I was about to face my greatest obstacle: obtaining the coveted Purple Sheep Plush from the Jinx store.

Entering the exhibit hall I felt confident that my training that morning was sure to lead to line waiting success and my child would have his prize! My confidence lessened as I passed
more and more people already in what appeared to be a never ending line, snaking it’s way through the exhibit hall. I summoned up my strength…I was determined…no line would
keep me from my goal! I was convinced that I’d leave this place with a coveted Purple Sheep!

Taking my placsocialfeed-info-looking-for-purple-sheep-we-have-them-exclusively-at-the-jnx-minecon-boothe in line the first hour flew by…I chatted with those around me and checked Facebook. By the second hour it was clear that the line was much longer than the 1.5 hours indicated when I joined the line. Not yet a third of the line through, and long wait ahead…the movement was faster now…I was hopeful that the new pace would be maintained. Alas, it was not to be.

Parched and getting cranky, the third hour crept by. I rallied with a bottle of water, and the view of what appeared to be the final zig zagging portion of the line! Even amidst doubts of an actual end to this line, I remained hopeful. Half way through the third hour, I beheld a table. Perhaps this was the table of victory…Sadly, the table held only order forms and pens to select merchandise, and with this development I was ready to gather my courage and continue on my quest. The end could not be too far ahead.

Little did I know that the last 30 minutes would be the hardest test of my mettle yet! As the end came into sight the line slowed to a crawl, at times stopping for several minutes. My faith was wavering, my legs and
feet ached and emotions ran high, patience was a distant memory. A monitor dashed hopes all around, as item after item sold out. My quest item was still within reach, so I held tightly to my last silent bit of hope as I approached a sales window to end this four hour journey. The sale was uneventful; I turned in my order form, and then moved to a new line to pick up my order. Within minutes, there it was…the item of desire was in sight! Just as quickly as I had moved into the beginning of this long, twisting line; my quest was complete! I returned to my son victorious…upon beholding the coveted Purple Sheep his face broke into a broad grin, his joy radiated from him. The challenges and pains of the great expedition were made insignificant, and the four hours spent in line were worth evoking actual joy from a teen. In that moment, I was unquestionably the BEST MOM EVER!!!!


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