Meek the Geeks: sedirox

State your name, rank, and intention!

Sedi aka sedirox. I ended my Splatoon career at B+ (highest rank achieved was A) and I refuse to play Overwatch’s competitive mode. I’m really just here for the cookies.

Where ARE you? Like right now?

I’m at home, getting ready to do some patterning for my Tracer cosplay. I ran out of normal paper so I’m drafting on parchment paper because I’m too lazy to go out and buy more.

How long have you known you were a geek?

Since I was a kid but didn’t fully embrace it until middle school/ those awkward tween years. When everyone was moving onto boys and makeup, I just wanted to keep playing video games.

What’s your favorite thing to geek out about?

Video games! I’m a Nintendo fan at heart but I’ve started to appreciate PlayStation more in recent years. I tend to like action/adventure games and Japanese Role Playing games. Those games tend to be pretty long and take up a good chunk of my life.

Do you have an origin story?

I grew up in Ghana and didn’t have a lot of access to video games then. A friend had an N64 so I used to go over to her house to play Wave Race and Smash Bros literally every weekend. I had a Game Boy Color and played the heck out of Pokemon Silver (Lugia is still my favorite Legendary Pokemon to this day) I had to beg my parents to get me a home console and I eventually got a Gamecube. I could only get games a couple times during the year (during Christmas and when someone was going to the US) so I really had to make it count. I got into Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda since I remember their characters from Smash Bros. Then I heard about this thing called E3 and used to always look forward to Nintendo’s press conference. Then all hell broke loose when I moved to the US for college. You mean I can buy any game I want the day it comes out? Goodbye money!

What’s the best part of being a geek?

Never shutting up about that one thing you like and constantly annoying friends and family about it 😛

Do you remember your first fandom? Superhero crush?

Probably Pokemon. I do remember constantly rapping the Gen 2 Pokerap in middle school much to the annoyance of my teachers.

Superhero crush? I’m gonna be boring and say Captain America.

What’s your secret weapon or super power?

Crying my cosplays into completion

Kindle, paperback, or audio book?

A mix of everything, depending on the situation. I tend to be paperback for mangas and some novels, digital for comics and audio book if I hear the narration is spot on or can’t find it anywhere else

Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image? Pick your poison.


Have you caught them all?

No and I probably never will. There are like 700 of those things and they keep adding new ones every couple years.


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