Meet the Geeks: lbarbeto

State your name, rank, and intention!

Name: lbarbeto   Rank: Adrift somewhere between a bachelors and a PhD

Where ARE you? Like right now?

The lab, most likely, but shhhhh don’t tell anyone I should probably be working, writing, grading or doing something sciency.

How long have you known you were a geek?

I would guess since I was around 8, when I was outed by a girl on the bus who stated “not all geeks are mean, look at Linda she’s the geekiest but she’s nice too”. Geee thanks, but the last laugh was mine little girl… the age of the geek is upon us, mwahhaaa.

What’s your favorite thing to geek out about?

This one is kind of hard… (childish chuckle). It really depends on who I’m around, I’m an equal opportunity fan girl. Science is the obvious choice but I also adore British TV, Disney, Star Trek, sewing, cosplay, art, steampunk, and whatever tickles my nerdy bone!

Do you have an origin story?

Origin story, huh? I guess if I were to have an origin story I would say it started with words. Learning how to read opened up the world to me and created who I am today. Words taught me to love science, they taught me to have an imagination and to try to be fearless.

What’s the best part of being a geek?

I think the best part is that you get to be unabashedly excited about stuff. Being a geek means that I don’t have to worry about coming off as uncool from loving something too much. It’s really fantastic to just have fun and embrace that geek flag however weird and awkward it might make you.

Do you remember your first fandom? Superhero crush?

Wesley, O my sweet Wesely. As a kid the Princess Bride was everything! Men in black, sword play, RUSs (rodents of unusual size) and pirates. What’s not to love.

What’s your secret weapon or super power?

I can sing the lyrics to almost any Queen song with reckless perfection. I even have dance and hand motions to follow. Watch out karaoke night. Also I have access to chemicals… a lot of chemicals… so that’s kind of powerful.

Kindle, paperback, or audio book?

Paper was my first and deepest love (seriously, I was a lonely 4th grader reading Shakespeare) although I have totally embraced audiobooks for long runs and secretly purchased a kindle so I can bring along 10+ books when I travel.

Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image? Pick your poison.

Um this is kind of embarrassing but… none of the above. Ashamedly I never really got into comic books, I love both incredible art and imaginative story telling but for some reason I just have never embraced the comic book format. Please don’t throw things at me…

Have you caught them all?

Caught: 83 Seen: 85   Stupid Abra is an elusive jerk.



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