Can You Write a 50K Novel in One Month? We Think You Can!

On October 1st, the door was flung open and access was granted to official start the journey to writing a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. On that day, reset all of the information from last year’s writing adventures and began to prepare for the flood of creativity that 2016 will offer.

NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month- is a yearly event in which normal people become completely insane, sleep deprived, hand cramped novel writers. Pledging through a website to do everything in their power to write a novel of 50,000 or more during the calendar month of November. Some people who are clearly off their rockers strive for much higher goals, I, being one of those, have a personal goal of 80,000 words this year. Basically, I found that for me, 50,000 words was almost too easy. Yes, I’m already aware that I’m nuts.

This year will be only my third NaNo event and I’m not alone in my excitement. People are already booked for the night of writing dangerously, a gathering in San Francisco of NaNo writers. People attending the event from the Los Angeles area are even planning to travel via train writing most of the way there. During the month, regions all over the world will schedule write-in events at various locations, providing a location for WriMos (look, we have a fun nickname!!) to get out of the house and go write in a new environment with other equally crazy people. My region had special events in a local Ikea and also at the local aquarium, and while that may seem like a distraction, it can really help your creativity get going after watching the feeding of either the sea lions or the hordes of children.

Sure, it’s a ton of work in a very short time frame, but let’s face it, it is an amazing excuse to get that novel that’s rattling around in your head out on paper…err… well, in word at least. The goal isn’t to make the next best seller in a month even though it’s a legitimate start if that’s on your bucket list. The goal is to get your creative juices flowing, to get out there and make something, to push yourself to your creative limits and see what comes out. It also serves as a great way to meet some new people also looking for creative outlets that don’t actually require long-term commitment (or do in some cases).


There’s also no expectation that you’re going to be jotting down solid gold. There will be typos, oh yes, so very many tyyposs. Your characters will fall into deep plot holes, and the path you intended your characters to take may just be blocked for construction. It’s all okay! Most of us who are participating are also holding down full-time jobs, families, school, a blog, life in general, but we’re taking the time to give ourselves some time. We’re being shown that even in the busiest times of life, carving out a few minutes here and there for something you care about, for some creative YOU time, is possible and it’s also good for you…except the lack of sleep part, but it’s worth it.

So what do you say? Care to spend 30 days writing your heart out? Come check out more at and see if you’ve got what it takes… to have fun!


One thought on “Can You Write a 50K Novel in One Month? We Think You Can!

  1. I swear I am going to do this one year. Maybe after I graduate, I’m so inspired watching you do this every year. Good luck this year (or break a lef, are writers superstitious?).


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