Trick or Treating at Disney World

This Monday I suffered from more than just the Monday blues, I was also plagued by what I like to call a Disney hangover. A Disney hangover is not a condition brought on by an overdose on booze but instead by an overdose of magic, music, fun, and too much walking. While my Disney hangovers can happen anytime I visit the happiest place on earth this particular one was caused by a special event called Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSS). This event runs from September through October and allows anyone the chance to dress as their favorite character, stay up late, trick or treat through the Magic Kingdom and enjoy special shows, characters and parades.


Luckily costumes are allowed for every guest including those that are only young at heart and not in age. Being the biggest Halloween fan ever this is one of my favorite parts of MNSS. For this year my husband and I dressed as our all-time favorite underrated Disney movie characters, Kuzco and Pacha. If these names don’t instantly bring to mind a slew of quotes, stop now and go watch this movie. Seriously, do it, watch it now.


Ok for the rest of you that know the almighty Emperor’s New Groove you will understand how these costumes were the best. We were the favorite costumes of almost every Disney cast member and were stopped by so many Kuzcotopia lovers.

Along with the ability to frolic through the Magic Kingdom in costumes as adults the night also included special fireworks, a Halloween themed parade and a special stage shows which was based on Hocus Pocus where the Sanderson sisters invited all the villains out to the castle to weave their spell.


I love a parade; I know it’s an overused statement, but I do, especially when it’s led off by the headless horseman riding on his black steed. The following parade then travels to two infectious songs that will stick in your head forever, “BOO to You” and “It’s Good to be Bad”. The lyrics are silly and not well written, but it’s one of those corny Disney things that you just have to love.


The parade also includes exclusive characters like the ghost dancers form the haunted mansion and almost every villain you can think of, except no Yzma unfortunately.


In addition to catching the parade, this year I was determined to meet Jane from Tarzan and since she only has appearances at MNSS, I was willing to do the time waiting in line. While I was glad to finally get my picture with her I thought it was weird that off screen she has blonde hair instead of the red brown from the movie. Maybe it’s the Florida sun… Right? No matter I got my picture and am even more determined to cosplay her in the future, because seriously that yellow dress is the best.


Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas were also hanging around so my hubby and I waited until one of the castle shows distracted everyone and rushed to get in shorter line. It was great meeting both of them but, man can Jack talk, I never imagined that dapper skeleton would have so much to say. Also Sally was the sweetest and listening to her promise to help the little girl in front of us sew her Halloween costume for next year was the best.


Although I’m technically an adult with a paycheck and can buy my own candy, there are fewer things in life that bring me more joy then Trick or Treating. Candy from a night of Halloween collection is the best candy and this Sunday nights haul from MNSS was no exception. I really enjoy the variety that Disney hands out it really is like the eclectic assortment you might get begging from your neighbors.


All together it was the perfect Disney Halloween night and made me hate to go back to the real world that next day. So if you love Halloween and Disney and have the chance to be in Orlando in October check out the MNSS event. I’ve loved it for years and always have a blast.

So what about you guys? Anybody else been to MNSS, if so what did you think? Also did you watch Emperor’s New Groove like I told you? Hmmm, fantastic wasn’t it? You are welcome, now go spread the word.



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