RuView of RuPauls Drag Race All Stars Season Two! A Retrospective Beat by Beat Shakedown with All the Tea!

*************SPOILER ALERT: I’m happy to skip hunting down a bunch of photos from the episode, but I’m going to dish on the WHOLE THING!*****************

Let me start by explaining that I went into this with a neck and neck battle between Alaska and Katya in mind; with Detox providing a strong wild card performance that could overtake the competition, and Roxxxy comfortably seated in the final, but bringing up the rear, as her season was sort of all over the map, and never had the power moments that these other three delivered time and again. The episode started, as finales tend to, with Michelle Visage visiting the workroom to give the girls their challenges. Not only were they to write and record their own rap verses to present a Girl Group lip-synch and dance performance in addition to their runway, they also had a podcast interview with RuPaul & Michelle!
The interviews were each short and poignant ways to wrap up the season with each queen. Alaska seemed on edge about being called out for her tantrum and the word Rolaskatox seems to now give her indigestion…still, I think she nailed it! Katya stepped up and out for her interview, being completely comfortable and creating some great moments on her turn. Detox seemed extremely confident and her interview was filled with laughs and a better response to the Rolaskatox questioning. I honestly had to watch Roxxxy’s again this morning to remember it, but she did fine…just fine.
Detox’s rap experience showed and flowed, but she had less room to shine in a proven area, but I dig what she seems to have come up with. Alaska and Katya seemed to be delivering strong character in their rhymes with smart comedy, and plays to each of their strengths. Roxxxy was bringing up that fourth spot that even the queens seemed to agree that she had placed.

Choreography time! I want to start by saying that when I heard Travis Wall was coming, I almost peed a little…once I saw that he brought Mark Kanemura as an assistant…I flooded the freaking basement! These are easily two of my favorite male dancers of our time, both having had beautiful stints on So You Think You Can Dance…I was hooked from go. I can also add that this has to have been one of my favorite choreography collaborations for a stage number yet! They played beautifully to each girl’s strength, and I really enjoyed seeing them work with each from what we saw of the rehearsal. Katya’s pure mastery and stepping up to intimidate the others during this was everything! There were plenty of fun moments, and seeing Alaska rehearse dance is always a great opportunity before she nails it on stage.

Pre-performance mirror moments were magic, wish we could have had more. That is a dressing room I would love to be a part of! The lip-synch/dance challenge went off perfectly with this caliber of performers. Alaska slayed, and delivered a different look that was really rad, along with her always fun verse and surprisingly smoothly executed moves! Detox came in strong, but I’m not sure she used either opportunity to really step up and out. Speaking of, Katya absolutely nailed this portion for me, as expected! From her wise and hilarious use of the lyric to the grace and control of the dance, she kept my eye throughout the ensemble portions and ruled the stage for her own! Roxxxy was a bit of a surprise, but again, nothing to really put her above and beyond, though she delivered a strong opening, steady middle,  and a great finish.

The final looks delivered everything one would hope. Alaska did flawless glamour apropos of the finale. Detox served up one last fashion dish, a delectable version of girly only she could bring! Katya blew out the bell, “mom” proportion and glamorized it to perfection!  Roxxxy delivered more body with a different play into violet short hair, bejeweled to pageant perfection.
It was time for the critiques, which went pretty much as expected. Sorry Roxxxy, time to see the Top 3 Lip-synch for THEIR LEGACY! The girls killed it in their own ways, respecting the song, and not going over the top with them. Alaska’s makeup smear was well executed and totally on brand. She really put her stamp all over this competition, and deserves her win, entirely! Yuuup, she sure did! Congrats and reign strong, our queen!

I cannot wait to see her shake up next seasons girl with a hopeful cameo…just saying…oh, and hopefully you enjoyed my little shakedown, because I’ll be back for Season 9 to dish on each episode, and perhaps to try some mini-challenges of my own!


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