Meet the Geeks: Pixy 

State your name, rank, and intention!

My friends call me Pixy and my son calls me Mom. My intentions are to survive the day by drinking large amounts of coffee and being awesome.

Where ARE you? Like right now?

Right now I am cooking dinner and hoping not to burn anything. I currently live in a New England suburb with my hubby, tween son, a dog, 2 cats, and 8 chickens.

How long have you known you were a geek?

I discovered my geekiness in High School but did not fully embrace it until college.

What’s your favorite thing to geek out about?

Costumes and quoting movies/tv shows. I love meeting new people that enjoy the same show or book series.

Do you have an origin story?

My story is a little different as I did not grow up geeky. In fact, I wasn’t exposed to geekiness until high school and have a very nongeeky family (my mother has proudly stated that she saw Star Wars in the theater in the 70’s and walked out half way through because she thought it was boring). It wasn’t until I was in high school and was dating the wonderful guy that would become my husband that I was first exposed to any kind of geekery. He was and is a HUGE geek who loves all things SciFi. On our second date, I confessed that I had never seen Star Wars and he demanded I watch it immediately. After that, he introduced me to other geeky things like Star Trek and Stargate.

What’s the best part of being a geek?

Freedom. Being a geek offers me the freedom to be whatever I want, and to create whatever I want. Geekdom is a boundless world filled with exciting options and opportunities.

Do you remember your first fandom? Superhero crush?

Shortly after watching Star Wars for the first time I was introduced to Babylon 5, I know it’s super geeky,but I loved it! My favorite character was Kosh and when he died I cried. It was the first time I cried for a fictional tv character. I’m not sure that I have ever had a superhero crush unless The Dread Pirate Roberts counts as a superhero.

What’s your secret weapon or super power?

My sewing machine and hot glue gun! As long as I have them anything is possible.

Kindle, paperback, or audio book?

Mostly Kindle but for my favorite classics I have to have paperback. My favorites are the old hardback library books that I’ve bought at used book sales. They still have that musty library smell that evokes memories of my childhood.

Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image? Pick your poison.

A big confession here, I have only ever read one comic book. It was the first compendium of The Walking Dead so I guess whoever publishes that…

Have you caught them all?

No, but we’ve had wonderful family outings trying to find them. If you are in the Boston area I highly recommend visiting the Boston Common and Public Garden, there are a lot of Pokemon and Pokestops.


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