Fine dining brought to you by Hello Kitty

No one can deny Hello Kitty’s global impact: she’s an icon associated with all things cute. From clothes to TV to makeup to food, she’s done it all. I like to believe business moguls are incredibly jealous of her success on everything HK touches.

Since I’m attracted to all things kawaii, it’s only natural that she would be a style icon of sorts and I would blinding follow everything she does. I attended Hello Kitty Con 2 years ago, I visit the Hello Kitty Cafe in Irvine Spectrum at least once a month and I wait with bated breath for the Hello Kitty x Colourpop collab to launch next week.

So when I heard Antonello, an Italian restaurant in Santa Ana, was having a special Hello Kitty menu in celebration for her birthday in November, I knew I had to go. I immediately sent my boyfriend the link with puppy dog eyes and he made the reservation!


The menu was a standard 4 course meal with antipasti, first course, second course and dessert. Not only was everything insanely delicious but most of the dishes had a touch of Hello Kitty in them.


I never thought watermelon and cheese would go together so well but it did! The bows were made out of while chocolate and added a extra touch and crunch to it.


Bowtie pasta make perfect sense for HK. I was a bit disappointed the pasta wasn’t shaped like her bow but it was still go good. The alfredo sauce made it oh so creamy.


The beef was incredibly tender and literally fell off effortlessly each time I made a cut. I’m still drooling thinking about it.


The chocolate used for desert was so rich and filling I didn’t want it to end. :/



The menu also came with 3 different types of wine. 2 by the glass and 1 by the bottle. I had both the glass ones with my meal. The far left is a dry white wine while the far left is sparking sweet rosé. I took the middle bottle home as a souvenir and plan on drinking it during one of my Overwatch sessions. Maybe I’ll finally get the Ana Halloween emote.


I would definitely recommend going to Antonello and experiencing the full menu for yourself. The menu will run until November 12.

Check out Antonello’s website here.


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