Halloween Made Easy – No Sew Dan TDM Costume

While visiting a craft store several years ago, I came across a lady standing in the aisle with a desperate look on her face and tears in her eyes. Watching her, my heart ached and I couldn’t just walk by. When I asked if she was okay she explained that her daughter was performing in a school event, and the parents had been asked to provide their child with a headpiece to complete their costume. The mom was beside herself…she wasn’t crafty like the other moms…she didn’t sew, or even own a hot glue gun. How was she supposed to make a headpiece? The look of desperation in the woman’s eyes tore at my heart, and I spent the next hour helping her create a headpiece for her daughter. I like to imagine the daughter’s surprise when her mom arrived home with the headpiece and the pride the mother might have felt when the project was complete.

The mom in the craft store isn’t the only parent who feels over whelmed by the prospect of crafting a costume. I hear parents lamenting their lack of crafting abilities, and I think of that mom in the craft store every Halloween.

So today, in honor of the non sewing, non crafting parents out there, I want to show you a no sewing required Dan TDM costume that anyone can make. I made this costume in a hotel room the day before Minecon, when I arrived in Anaheim and discovered that we had forgotten a Williams costume. I didn’t have any of my craft supplies and had to make due with what was readily available. It is a great example of a simple and easy to make costume that even the most inexperienced parent or kid can make, and I hope you enjoy making this costume as much as I did. 

To make the costume you will need the following supplies:


  • Blue pants (I used uniform pants from Walmart)
  • Light blue t-shirt (plain no logo or designs)
  • Black long sleeve shirt or black jacket.
  • Light and Dark Yellow peel and stick foam sheets.
  • 2-3 pieces of brown craft felt.
  • Package of safety pins
  • Safety goggles
  • Brown shoes
  • A ruler (I didn’t use a ruler and regret that decision)


Shirt Pants and Jacket

For the dark blue pants I used blue uniform pants paired with a light blue t-shirt. Both items were available at Walmart and did not need any modifications. The jacket was bit more difficult, as all of the jackets included a hood,which did not work with this costume.To solve the problem I purchased a long sleeve black shirt and cut the front down the middle creating the look of a jacket. Tshirt material will not fray easily so you do not need to sew the edges.

Knee pads and belt buckle

To create Dan TDM’s signature yellow belt buckle and knee pads; I used yellow peel and stick foam sheets in two shades of yellow, and sheets of brown craft felt. For the belt buckle I cut a 7.5 inch rectangle of dark yellow foam and three 2.5 inch squares of light yellow foam and then stuck the squares to the rectangle to create the pattern. For the knee pads I cut two 5in squares from the light yellow foam and 4 2.5 inch squares from the dark yellow and attached 2 dark yellow squares to each light yellow square.


To complete the knee pads and belt I cut 1.5 inch strips from a sheet of brown craft felt and secured the squares to the strips using safety pins. More safety pins were then used to secure the brown felt to the inside of the pant legs.




To complete the look, I added a pair of safety goggles. William wanted his to remain plain but you could easily cut black squares from a sheet of black foam and stick them to the goggles so that they resemble Dan TDMs glasses. If you are planning to use them as a prop and not put them on you could also cut small squares from blue foam sheets and apply them to the lens area to add more detail to the costume.



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