The PlayStation Experience: Truly an experience

The PlayStation Experience is Sony’s yearly show where fans get to go hands-on with upcoming games from Sony’s first and third party developers. It’s basically PAX meets E3 but all things Playstation. The show is in its 3rd year and rotates to different cities every year, usually on the West Coast. This year’s show was in Anaheim so I decided it would be a great chance to check it out.

Before the convention, I combed Reddit and NeoGaf threads to get an idea on what would be in store. I knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary convention. People raved that PSX had the coolest swag bags that were pretty much worth the price of admission. At badge pickup I got a shirt, water bottle, poster, hand sanitizer, fridge magnet, temporary tattoos, sunglasses, a PS4 theme for Drawn To Death, bronze trophy card and a card box.

The show started Saturday morning at 10am with a one hour showcase unveiling new and upcoming games (The Last of Us part 2 hype!!!!!) new trailers for already announced games, and a couple Japanese games coming West (DanganRonpa V3 confirmed!!) After, fans got to go hands-on with all the new games and get their hands on exclusive PlayStation merchandise.

I did not make it to the showcase because I would have had to camp out the night before and I was a little under the weather. Luckily, there was a giant screen outside the convention center so I was able to watch the keynote with thousands of other fans outside before the doors officially opened.


Once inside, I made a beeline for the Atlus booth. I’ve been hyped for Persona 5  for a very long time so I was extremely excited to hear that they would be playable!  The line was very long (a 2 hour 10 minute wait) but time passed pretty quickly.  I chatted with the other people in line and some of the Atlus Staff who very excited and nervous about people getting hands on time with the game (especially since it got delayed a couple weeks ago.) The game’s mascot character showed up a couple times for photo ops!

I was only able to play the demo for 10 minutes (possibly to help keep the line moving) but it was worth it! The game is incredibly stylish and the battle animations are so much fun.


Afterwards, I relaxed and checked out games that had much shorter wait times like Gravity Rush 2 and Pyre’s new multiplayer mode. I even got to catch up with people I usually see at PAX which was a nice cherry on top.

One of the cool parts of PSX was the fact that the whole convention was one big scavenger hunt. Almost all booths required you to do an activity and then get you badge scanned. Since registration was tied to your PSN ID, you unlocked games and themes for PS4 and/or PSVita and coupon codes and store credit for the Gear store and the PSN store respectively. Booths also gave out collectable cards after playing their demos. There were even silver, gold and platinum trophy cards up for grabs, requiring fans to not only play a lot of games but participate in other parts of the convention: attending a panel and/or developer signing session.

Developer signings were a new addition to this year’s show. Signings included personalities like Hideo Kojima, Tim Schafer, Kinda Funny Games and the cast of The Last of Us and Uncharted , just to name a few.

Overall, PSX was a great show. Since the show is held in different cities, it’ll be interesting to see if it’ll stay West Coast or possibly expanded to other parts of the US. I suspect it might be in Seattle next year.


3 thoughts on “The PlayStation Experience: Truly an experience

  1. That’s so cool! I only watched online, but had a couple of peers who attended the event. That swag looks awesome! Really hope that Microsoft and Nintendo will follow this with their own experiences that fans can attend outside of E3 😀


    1. A Nintendo event would be cool! I think PSX is a way for Sony to talk directly to fans without the barrier of press events like E3. For Nintendo, they have the Nintendo Directs as their primary form of communication to fans. Microsoft has none at this point in time.

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      1. Yeah, the Nintendo Directs are great, but I’d love to see a return of Spaceworld! And yes, Microsoft definitely need an event of their own. Phil Spencer is a great guy, so I’d love to see him get a chance to host a fan event. 😀


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