Going Rogue without Spoiling the Fun

I am a dark side girl at heart. I always have been, I always will be. Let’s face it though, we pretty well know how that works out and I gotta say we eventually go down in a pretty damn epic way (movie wise) and I’m alright with that, which made Rogue One even more fun to watch for me. Yes, I knew from the previews and my own Star Wars knowledge there were going to be some wonderfully dark moments from the empire and that would be fun. Part of being a fan of Star Wars, to me at least, is an understanding and respect for both sides of the force and knowing that they really need each other to exist, so cheering on the good guys AND the bad guys isn’t such a difficult thing to do. Rogue One follows right along with that.

It’s far too soon in my book to do spoilers, so I’ll keep everything pretty vague so far as descriptions. I will say that I really fell for some of the characters, Alan Tudyk’s K-2SO droid was brilliant and was right in line with what we expect from droids in this universe. Jyn was believable and fun to follow without being over the top (it was a worry I had from the previews). I wasn’t a big fan of the bad guy, Krennic, but then again my heart belongs to Vader and the rest of them are just there for the ride.

It boiled down to this, it was a fun movie, and you left with the sense that the people who made it had an amazing time doing so and respected the story and the fans. There were nods to the original trilogy that added to the story rather and were done in a way that wasn’t annoying or too silly. There were great aliens and costuming, and it left me feeling very excited for what is to come on the Star Wars side stories that are in the works.


In some ways it was better than the Force Awakens, which don’t get me wrong…I LOVED Force Awakens, but this story was a little stronger.  We all knew there were plans to destroy the Death Star and that the ship carrying the plans had been intercepted by Vader, but we didn’t know much about the plans origin. (Most people confuse these plans with the one’s Mon Mothma is known for talking about when she says that “…many bothans died to bring us this information…” Of course that line is from Return of the Jedi and in reference to the still incomplete 2nd coming of the Death Star.)

My favorite part? Vader. Simply put.

Rogue One…you’re going to laugh, you might cry, but in the end you’re going to sit in your seat and feel that warm, happy feeling that only Star Wars can bring to some of us nerds. It’s gritty, it’s dark, and it’s flat out wonderful.


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