Blog Humbug: A Rally of the Spirit…

So, I’m sitting here in all of the mid-season glory of that confusing week between Christmas and New Year…looking back on the year, and thinking about how hard I slacked on writing since November. True, I did pick up quite a bit of work in that time, but was it enough to bring my blogging to a screeching halt? Apparently, the answer is…yes, yes it most certainly was. Well, to be fair, it was a combination of things, and the blogging suffered the hardest.

For years, my sister poked and prodded, trying every angle she could to get me to implement the personal writing style I’d developed over the years into a blog. After many efforts failed, she started this wonderful little spot, and got me involved. Sure, it is a “Girl” blog, but as general non-conformists, we quickly reasoned that as a lifetime honorary “one of the girls,” clearly I qualified to share here. Though the part I would struggle with the most would be filtering my own Geek into something for an audience. It is pretty clear that we all have different geek sides, and I’ve always embraced that which makes my quirkiness so endearing, but how do I begin to approach this audience?!

This year, that answer has come in many forms, and I have been fortunate enough to act as an editor, helping my fellow geeks hone into their own specialties. This also opened my eyes to just the sort of geek I’ve become. I would not get by on my upbringing and general nerd-core values alone. Instead, I tapped into the pure joy that is playing with blood for special effects, movie reviewing, and random bouts of general silly. True, I used the platform for a rant or two, but again, this is part of my endearing qualities…or, at least, my opinion is enough a part of me that I like to shout it from the rooftops when I feel like I need to get it out.


My passion…it has always served me well, been clear, and delivered in such a way as to reach a wider audience! No matter what issue people might take with my words, they cannot argue the truth of my meaning. I can handle the idea that things may get lost in perception, but if I stay ever-vigilant, my truth can be shared with the initial meaning intact! I honestly believe in the goodness of people and the world around us, and my geek side is certainly a part of what shaped my outer world view. The fear of being judged has been typically squashed by those who seek solace in the land of geekdom, and it is the place where your represented personality is exactly what you make it.

So, rise up…wield your geek against the unruly terrors of the world…never be told that you can’t, not even by yourself! The Geeks shall inherit the Earth…and it is high time we stand up and take that inheritance, rather than quietly and/or inadvertently supporting the things that we find so appalling in this world! Yes, loves…THIS is a battle cry…I say, use your geek, your nerd, your inner being, and stand up to the world that once may have shunned you. Use that voice to strengthen the bonds that make us human! I use my voice to rally together a people who will not be casual viewers of history, but active participants! No matter how large or small your efforts may seem, own them with mastery and be proud!


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