Women’s March LA Series – Janet

I am an anxiety ridden, profane mouthed, smart ass.

I am a higher education graduate of the Arts.

I am a child of Asian immigrants.

I am a law abiding, taxpaying American citizen.

I am a consumer and provider.

I am a lover, sometimes a fighter.

I am a woman.

I am a human.

We are all beautifully different and the same.

I have not been part of a protest before. There was slight hesitance and weariness when deciding to join friends for the march. Being the anxiety worrying cave hermit that I am, I feared the worst but hoped for the best.

The air was tense but exciting, and even though southern California has had an onslaught of gloomy rain (which, thankfully has made a good dent in our drought). Somehow, Mother Nature knew what was going down, and she made that day perfectly beautiful. The trickling of people and signs formed as we headed towards Pershing Square. Public transportation was tighter than a can of sardines. We trudged towards the starting line and kept going until we came upon the massive crowd. A spectrum of all kinds and types of people. Regardless of race, political stance, gender, age, and reason. Chattering and speculations. Chants starting and fading. Sprinkled with an electrifying roar that resonated like a wave across the sea of people. Brilliant signs created a skyline above the heads of people; stating ideas, hopes, feelings, and general displeasure. Once the march was underway there were waves of people joined together for action and change.

People from all walks of life joined together to support each other. Even if there were conflicting ideals, that didn’t matter. Everyone is allowed their opinions regardless of how weird or stupid it may seem. That’s just America, right? No one likes being challenged on their ideals. Especially tiny brain and tiny handed individual(s). But to push ideals and cause distress for one’s own gain, regardless of monetary status or power, effecting large numbers of people (who they’re suppose to represent); is not what is intended or right.

I don’t believe anyone truly understood the magnitude this turned out to be, with the staggering numbers and worldwide support. I understand why some people believe a protest doesn’t amount to anything. Assuming people walking together will automatically change everything would be a foolish notion. Protest or forms of social activism for me are definitely a way to raise awareness and make a statement of certain ideologies. The realization that you’re not alone and that there are people who feel similar things is very profound.

The expectation that some shifting factor in the higher ups will end this bizarre twilight episode is null. Our only chance is each other. To make that change. To make an impact on the parts of our individual lives. I’m pretty lazy and pessimistic most of the time, but the overwhelmingly obvious proof that I am not in this alone, and that there are definitely people who are fighting for good makes me proud. Even though I know my impact is small, if there at all, it shouldn’t matter; because we all need to be that change.

I love you ALL.


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